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Are you looking for the right work?
That is one thing. The picture is perfect, but the format doesn't fit your wall. Or the picture is fantastic, only the colour is not my thing.
That's why my pictures aren't printed when you place your order. The print run for each picture is limited to five pieces, so you get an exclusive fine art print tailored to your needs.

In addition, my pictures look much more impressive in the room than on the Internet, which speaks for a sampling directly with you. The best way is to contact me in order to find the optimal picture in the right format. Mail or +41 79 296 76 15

But how much is it now?
The price depends on the size of the picture. That's what this simple formula is for: Height times width times photographer factor. Currently this factor is 1500 for prints on Aludibond. So you can already estimate what individual works have for a price. This includes sampling and delivery within Switzerland.

Please contact me and make an appointment with you or in my permanent exhibition in Wila (Switzerland).

Price example:
A picture is 0.60m wide and 0.40m high. This results in: 0.60m x 0.40m = 0.24m2 x 1500 = 360.00 CHF I am of the opinion that the use of a factor gives a clear price differentiation within my artistic works. A clear, open and transparent pricing structure. I hope that this will lead to a higher artistic quality standard, which increases the "credibility" of an artist and creates a clear basis of trust for you as a customer.

Treat yourself to an exclusive original work made to measure by André Gutzwiller.


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