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Visual deceleration

What happens in the head when the eye perceives a photo? The information it contains is identified and classified. Once the useful or important information has been stored in the appropriate drawer, the photo is immediately forgotten. This process takes a fraction of a second and several hundred times a day in today's flood of media images to which we are permanently exposed. This leads to a sensory overload and a dulling of the senses.

In order to counteract this dulling, I have created this series of pictures. The central question is: What happens if a photo cannot be captured at first glance? The viewer's eye wanders aimlessly over the picture until it "clicks" in the head and parallels to reality are found. In most cases, an emotional reaction is triggered at the emotional level. A good memory, a beautiful feeling or a happy moment comes back from memory. And then the image does not let go of the eye.

My photos are based on basic photographic research and are created with various techniques and optical accessories, but always in a single exposure and without any manipulation of the content on the screen. Through newly emerging structures, the scale is lost and opens the view for new views.

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